Docker is Awesome

I was playing around with Docker for the past few days and really think that it is an awesome tool. I installed Docker for Mac and created an image based on the original Kali docker base image. I no longer need to spawn a full-fledged virtualbox VM running Kali just to run tools such as msfconsole, wpscan etc.


I created a Dockerfile project to automatically provision a base image which contains the tools that I require. This file can be tweaked to add/remove tools to your liking, and it is available here: If you just want to pull the full image without building it from scratch via the Dockerfile, you can pull the image from: by issuing the following commands:

docker pull v00d00sec/kali_mini

After the base image is created, you can view it like this:

After-which, you can run the image like this:


Voila! Instant Kali shell spawned.


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